Should I call before sending my resume?

No unless you have questions as it is difficult to know where you would be best suited until we have your resume.


What are living conditions like onboard?

Living conditions vary from company to company and depending on what position you have on board. The higher your position, the better your cabin! Most companies will require you to share an inside cabin (no portholes) with one other person. Deck officers, engineers, physicians and nurses do not normally share a cabin.

How long are the assignments?

Most contracts are for 4-6 months. The exception to this is youth activity staff who are often hired for seasonal work such as Christmas, Spring Break, Summer and their assignments can be as short as one week to as long as three months. Deck officers and engineers often only have three or four month assignments.


Does the cruise line pay your way to and from the ship?

Yes, the cruise lines we work with will pay your way to and from the ship. If you break your contract and wish to return home early, some or all of your airfare may be deducted from your wages.

Are uniforms provided?

The cruise lines we work with normally pay for your uniform, but you may have to provide your own shoes and formal clothes if required.