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Deck Officers & Engineers

by | Feb 6, 2016

Canadian Certification Required

Most of our positions for deck officers and engineers are with cruise lines, tankers and container vessels. However we do have openings for other types of merchant ships from time to time. The companies that we work with are from all over the world but we have a high percentage of Canadian companies as well.

Please do not send us copies of your discharge book at this time.

All positions, except youth staff and security, are full-time assignments with up to 6-month contracts. Related experience to the job is required. 

Deck Officers & Engineers

We are seeking 1st and 2nd engineers for a BC Canadian company. email resumes to pmmarine@telus.net. Please note: Deck and Engineering officer positions change frequently so if you wish to be kept updated with new openings please feel free to email resumes to pmmarine@telus.net. Please do not send us copies of your certification until requested.

Please note we are only placing candidates at this time with Canadian certification.