About Us

So, you’re interested in a cruise ship job and just don’t know where to start...

About Page Marine Crews

We have been placing personnel on ships since 1987. Our clients are among the most well known cruise lines and shipping firms in the world. Our reputation for placing qualified crew is well established.

PMC Marine has two divisions — one which deals primarily with cruise ship staff and the other which deals with deck officers and engineers for merchant ships.

About Cruise Lines

The areas that offer the best initial chance for employment on cruise ships are for support members such as boutique staff, retail sales, pursers, cruise staff, production staff, photographers, videographers and youth activity staff. All of these positions require two years of relevant experience. In the case of deck officers and engineers, relevant and experience and correct certification is essential.

The cruise industry is expanding and opportunities for employment onboard are continuing to grow. It is a unique working environment that offers the ability to work in luxurious surroundings and travel to new and exciting places. We represent some of the best cruise lines in the industry.