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by | Dec 5, 2019 | Job posting | 4 comments

Immediate –

Stage Crew Openings – Some training/experience needed for these onboard positions –you will provide assistant/stage crew duties between two theatres onboard.

Lighting Tech Openings – good experience with lighting boards and training plus live event experience required for this role. Experience in working within large venues or multiple venues preferred. Click HERE for a full job description.

NOTE: Minimum requirement: is to have worked with a GrandMA lighting board and preferably experience or exposure to the Green Hippo Video Processors.

Check out the following video re: Green Hippo.

Lighting Job Responsibilities Include:

  • Maintaining technical performance standards for associated lighting, video and pyrotechnic equipment for the Princess Theater at all times.
  • Conducting daily inspections of lighting, video, and pyrotechnic systems.
  • Maintaining all entertainment lighting equipment around the vessel as directed by theSenior Production Manager.
  • Assisting the Senior Production Manager with production requirements for daily operationand special events as assigned.
  • Maintaining a high level of expertise in High End Systems, Vari Lites, Grand MA, Pyrodigital,and various video operating systems.
  • Preparing clear and accurate handover notes and facilitates a comprehensive handover tooncoming team members.

A great opportunity to continue your theatre career at sea. Email all resumes to pmmarine@telus.net

Audio Tech Roles – these positions involve working within the Theatres onboard. You must have training plus experience preferably in large theatres with fairly large productions.  A minimum of two years of experience or a combination of experience and training is ideal.  If you don’t have enough experience for this position you could be considered for a stage crew position.  You will be required to be available to be away from home for six months at a time.

Audio Preferred:

Experience with Yamaha Audio Boards, in ear monitors and overall setting up and maintaining the equipment and Microphones.

Experience working within large venues and/or multiple venues as a team working with professional bands/productions.


  1. Jay Rejano

    Hi I am interested at the position and would like to become a crew member of princess cruises. I used to be a production manager 1 onboard but I have migrated here in Calgary Canada so I have to stop working on ship for a while and establish myself here. I did not have any bad record on board and as a matter of fact, I always get high appraisals from supervisors and entertainment members like the band masters and musicians for doing outstanding job on audio mixing.

  2. Ryan Borshuk

    Hi Heather!

    I’m interested in learning more about this position, and was wondering where I could find more information about it. Job description, expected duties, etc.

    Thank you!